Everything comes from a Idea

Take that IDEA to the next leave

Have you ever had an idea? A idea that you are so excited about that you drop everything and daze off into the hundreds of different directions you could take that idea? Do you ever not execute that idea because you have no clue how to develop it? If you have done this plenty of times, please don’t worry because everyone does. In this blog post I will give some great methods to help develop that fabulous idea.tumblr_n8m8pwwLar1sjzq6wo1_1280

Sticky Notes, 3×5 Cards, Lists, Outlines, Napkins

When that great idea pops into your head, write anything and everything about the idea on a sticky note. The best part about the sticky note is that you can move it around and stick it on a wall or computer screen you’re working with. If you don’t have access to a sticky note, how about an 3×5 index card? They’re similar to a sticky note, but a little bit more mobile and will last longer. They are also easy to slide into the back pocket when you’re out and about. Lists work well too. They’re not just for your grocery shopping, they can repeat your ideas to many other ones. You can also use the classic outline to help develop. Another option is the good old napkin! If you can’t find paper, sticky notes, or a index card, napkins can do the job just as well. Its also fun to say that such a great idea was developed on a napkin.

Taking that Idea to the next step, (Media Step)

You need to develop a great story that goes along with your idea. Sell that idea, make everyone believe that they either need it or have to care about it. Video and animation is a great way to show your story. The structure is key to any animation, the setting of the action along with the narration all need to work together to represent your story well. You need to be thoughtful in determining what multimedia element would work best for your idea and story. Your idea could be best represented by a film, Motion graphics, Software simulation, Games, Photo slide show.


If you’re having trouble with your story and idea, think through what process and methods you’re using. A storyboard is a great design tool to keep your story on track. It keeps all the media for each scene listed and describes how they work together. A storyboard keeps all ideas listed on paper with a timeline. If you’re working with a team on your story, a storyboard is a great way to keep people on track for what is due and as well as who is responsible for what. If you’re working for a client or boss, the storyboard can educate them and helps to keep the project moving smoothly. Finally, it helps to remind the boss or client when they give another instruction that you are just following the storyboard directions and that any additional changes will take more time.