Digital Communications: Lets Reflect

The Digital Age

In the digital age there is no reason to be left behind. Some complain that technology moves and changes at a rapid pace, making it hard to keep up the pace. I say: “Welcome to the digital world that is no different from the one we live in everyday.” Digital literacy is the key to success in navigating the digital age. What exactly is digital literacy, you may ask? Digital literacy “is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” After this course of Digital Communications, I found myself asking what kind of digital literacy have I mastered and in what ways do I need to improve?

Show off those Strengths

I believe the strengths I have developed from this class include the ability to construct a multi-layer blog that engages the reader with catchy headers, picture credibility, and useful links that better the user experience. My blog flows with the correct white space amount for the user to scan content more efficiently. From what I have learned about navigating in the digital world, it is all about movement. Hyperlinking and hypertext offer the possibility of movement and mobility to another source with relevant information. With my blog, I tried to offer an interesting topic that I was passionate about, such as fashion trends around college campuses. It is important to create a voice for yourself in the digital world. Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.57.34 PMIn my fashion blog, I truly think my voice captured the audience’s attention better than any other element. I tried to make my voice reflect not only my personality, but also display my content and information with a upbeat, and humorous tone.

I Think I’m Funny

From my Fall Fashion to Winter Wardrobes: “Now that the cold weather is FINALLY approaching South Carolina, ’tis the season for boots and sweaters and maybe a little vest to add another layer to the chilly morning walk to the dining hall. Pull out the winter clothes from under your lofted beds, and switch out your sandals for your leather boots — it’s time for Furman fashionistas to bring in the new vogue winter styles. The Furman ladies are ready for the cooler and anxious to retire the summer wardrobe.”

Headline Extraordinaire

When learning how to navigate through Web sites and blogs and understanding the importance of user experience, I became insistent on creating simple but catchy headers for my users on my blog and Web site. I know when I am browsing through a site, one of the first things I look at is the header, but if header is boring and does not engage my interest I will not go any further. These are all headers I created to engage and reel in my users:

Everyone Has A Weakness

My digital literacy weakness would be my struggle to backup my strong voice with relevant hyperlinks throughout my content that add credibility to my subject. A voice and opinion is important but not without sources to support one’s argument. Although I did include hyperlinks in FU Fashion Trending blog posts, I was limited to resources about college fashions which vary from school to school. Many of my resources were limited to pictures and not as much content about fashion.

Need More Time

I would have loved to have spent more time learning photoshop because it is such an essential skill in the digital world. The power of a photograph can trump words any day. We learned the different photographic genres such as,

  • Untitled-1_edited-1Creative
  • Retail
  • Personal
  • Editorial

These genres explain how photographs can be used for different meanings or can misconstrue/organize a message. I used photoshop to construct an informative collage to my users on my blog. Photoshop is a tool I plan to improve on even after Digital Communications.



Thank You Digital Communications

This class has not only taught me valuable information, but it has also altered the way I view any social media or digital technology. In my opinion, all online users would benefit from gaining knowledge about the foundation of the digital world they use daily.