Digital Communications: Lets Reflect

The Digital Age

In the digital age there is no reason to be left behind. Some complain that technology moves and changes at a rapid pace, making it hard to keep up the pace. I say: “Welcome to the digital world that is no different from the one we live in everyday.” Digital literacy is the key to success in navigating the digital age. What exactly is digital literacy, you may ask? Digital literacy “is the ability to use information and communication technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate information, requiring both cognitive and technical skills.” After this course of Digital Communications, I found myself asking what kind of digital literacy have I mastered and in what ways do I need to improve?

Show off those Strengths

I believe the strengths I have developed from this class include the ability to construct a multi-layer blog that engages the reader with catchy headers, picture credibility, and useful links that better the user experience. My blog flows with the correct white space amount for the user to scan content more efficiently. From what I have learned about navigating in the digital world, it is all about movement. Hyperlinking and hypertext offer the possibility of movement and mobility to another source with relevant information. With my blog, I tried to offer an interesting topic that I was passionate about, such as fashion trends around college campuses. It is important to create a voice for yourself in the digital world. Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.57.34 PMIn my fashion blog, I truly think my voice captured the audience’s attention better than any other element. I tried to make my voice reflect not only my personality, but also display my content and information with a upbeat, and humorous tone.

I Think I’m Funny

From my Fall Fashion to Winter Wardrobes: “Now that the cold weather is FINALLY approaching South Carolina, ’tis the season for boots and sweaters and maybe a little vest to add another layer to the chilly morning walk to the dining hall. Pull out the winter clothes from under your lofted beds, and switch out your sandals for your leather boots — it’s time for Furman fashionistas to bring in the new vogue winter styles. The Furman ladies are ready for the cooler and anxious to retire the summer wardrobe.”

Headline Extraordinaire

When learning how to navigate through Web sites and blogs and understanding the importance of user experience, I became insistent on creating simple but catchy headers for my users on my blog and Web site. I know when I am browsing through a site, one of the first things I look at is the header, but if header is boring and does not engage my interest I will not go any further. These are all headers I created to engage and reel in my users:

Everyone Has A Weakness

My digital literacy weakness would be my struggle to backup my strong voice with relevant hyperlinks throughout my content that add credibility to my subject. A voice and opinion is important but not without sources to support one’s argument. Although I did include hyperlinks in FU Fashion Trending blog posts, I was limited to resources about college fashions which vary from school to school. Many of my resources were limited to pictures and not as much content about fashion.

Need More Time

I would have loved to have spent more time learning photoshop because it is such an essential skill in the digital world. The power of a photograph can trump words any day. We learned the different photographic genres such as,

  • Untitled-1_edited-1Creative
  • Retail
  • Personal
  • Editorial

These genres explain how photographs can be used for different meanings or can misconstrue/organize a message. I used photoshop to construct an informative collage to my users on my blog. Photoshop is a tool I plan to improve on even after Digital Communications.



Thank You Digital Communications

This class has not only taught me valuable information, but it has also altered the way I view any social media or digital technology. In my opinion, all online users would benefit from gaining knowledge about the foundation of the digital world they use daily.

Western Technologies: Impacts Home and Abroad

Not All Western Ideas Are Universal

Did you ever think that your convenient, portable laptop that you take everywhere is not used in other countries, or that the fundamental ideas behind a laptop stems from Western technology that is often not supported or used in other countries? We think of laptops and computers as universal tools, but in many cases, in developing countries, computers and the Internet are a foreign thought.

English Does Not Always Translate

Computers were designed for the English speaking world. If you think about the layout of the keyboard and the icon display on the screen, each is designed with a Western influence. But in developing countries, many people do not understand the Western culture, so hence, they would not be able to understand how to operate a laptop.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)

Nicholas Negroponte founded the One Laptop per Child organization. The organization had good intentions for helping children in developing countries become better educated with new technology such as a laptop. This organization was not a success, and the results failed to accomplish the intended plan of meeting the needs of children in developing countries. OLPC was blinded by its influence of Western ways and did not factor the idea that laptops need to adapt to the appropriate needs of the children using them in developing countries. Another factor that OLPC needed to understand was that the importance of education is not always valued in these developing countries. For example in Africa, the AIDS virus is a more pressing matter than computers for children’s education. One study concluded that one computer per child could be one laptop per clinic that could serve many more people in a more beneficial way. Some of the OLPC computers were never used or distributed by the goverment.

48 Hour Of Peril

Have you ever lost your cell phone and had that gut feeling that it is gone and never will return? Doesn’t it feel like someone just turned off your lifeline, and you have lost your only identity? I know that when I lost my cell phone, I found it impossible to live for those 48 hours until I could replace it. I hunted high and low and called it from my mother’s cell phone at least 93 times. Even though it was replaced, I lost many memories, such as pictures, videos, messages, and my all time highest score on Temple Run.

A Social Revolution

Cells phones have created a social revolution in our society. They have created new means of communication and entertainment. Cell phones have also altered social patterns, not only with young adolescents, but with people of all ages. Lines are blurry between what is private and what is public communication. Not only are cell phones essential for communication and for maintaining social relationships, but they also can have a negative impact on family relationships, peer relationships, identity, socialization, and other norms. Some people feel the use of cell phones has taken away face to face interaction and other interpersonal skills.


Texting has become an easy way to communicate with others, but it has taken its toll on students’ grammar skills. The letter abbreviations are handy at times for quick responses; however, young students often lose practice in writing correct sentence structure. For example, a student might text: “lol b4 u go to class can you grab my binder 4 me and drop it off at the lib? Thx ttyl! ” Most teenagers can translate this symbolic language; professors, on the other hand, refuse to acknowledge this new system of language.

Here To Stay

This new method of socialization is here to stay. Teenagers transform their identity through their cell phones. Cell phones may have some negative impact, but they are just a new way of life for this generation and the future ones to come .

From Fall Fashion To Winter Wardrobes

Now that the cold weather is FINALLY approaching South Carolina, ’tis the season for boots and sweaters and maybe a little vest to add another layer to the chilly morning walk to the dining hall. Pull out the winter clothes from under your lofted beds, and switch out your sandals for your leather boots — it’s time for Furman fashionistas to bring in the new vogue winter styles. The Furman ladies are ready for the cooler and anxious to retire the summer wardrobe.

Boots and Booties

The boots are definitely in and walking all over Furman’s campus. Boots range from cowboy style, to high cut styles or low cut booties. Most common here at Furman are the leather high cut boots and cowboy styles. The color brown is a popular choice on campus. I personally have 3 brown pairs of boots and only one black pair that is always essential when brown does not match with my outfit. Being from the North, I also own a gray pair of combat boots that I like to wear to edge up my outfit from time to time.

The Perfect Fall and Winter Shoe

Boots are the perfect shoe to wear with jeans, leggings, and even skirts or dresses, especially here in the South. Many of my friends have had debates with me about the low cut booties that are appearing more and more in the fashion world. I have a brown pair of booties that I love to wear with my boyfriend jeans or a longer length dress. If I’m wearing the booties with jeans, I tend to cuff the bottom of the jeans in order to define the line between the boots and the pant. Cuffing the jeans helps style the look and shows off the booties. Evelyn Crownley, from WHOWHATWEAR discussed the proper way to wear pants with booties, using celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss as examples. . Now that the winter season is approaching and temperatures are dropping girls are stepping outside in low cut booties to spice up their winter style. There are many different styles of booties to choose from. Harpers’s BAZAAR posted about all the different kinds of booties that are now out and about during these fall and winter months. Make sure you check out what kind of bootie is right for you!

143-79162-ankle-boots-photo-1412616047    tumblr_m0hjrwVfqu1r0z04do1_1280


Even in your worst outfit going to your frosty 8:00 A.M. class, a scarf can step up that grunge look and create sometime a little more presentable. During the winter months at Furman, the campus is covered with girls wearing their scarves in various styles. Some scarf styles include the:

  • blanket
  • tube
  • tartan
  • fur
  • knitted
  • too long

It does take some skill or technique to wrap the scarf around your neck; that’s why I personally have tube scarves that I can pull over my head. Other girls at Furman chose to wear the fur, the knitted, or the too long scarves. Stated in Marie Claire, “Scarves are the most versatile pieces to include in your winter wardrobe, a soft, oversized scarf is essential.” These scarves are often paired with the green rustic Barbour coat or a open oversized sweater. With the knitted and the too long scarves, it’s imperative to master the correct wrapping technique.

A Little Personal

I like my scarves loose around my neck so I usually only have one wrap for knitted and two wraps for the too long. I spend time balancing and fluffing scarf around my neck and shoulder. Since I usually wear a scarf on a bad hair day, I style my hair in a messy ponytail which keeps it from getting tangled in the scarf. On good hair days, I wear a knitted scarf with my hair down so that it is not as busy and bulky around my neck.

scarf styles

The Bigger the Better

Sweaters are the key to survive Southern winters and the bigger they are, the better. Oversized is a trend here at Furman. First, they are comfortable and cozy. Secondly, they hide the Christmas cookies that were devoured over break. No but really oversized sweaters are the perfect top to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and high boots. Don’t worry about not being able to fit a jacket over the sweater because that’s why vests were invented. People may think that oversized sweaters appear unflattering, but there are many ways to style them up.

This season the runway has sported many oversized sweaters ranging from retro patterns to neutral knit tones. Fewer girls here at Furman chose the retro patters; most prefer the natural neutral look. On campus, girls pair their oversized sweaters with slimming pants or leggings with a high cut boot. Teen Vogue writer Shannon Laughran, say “while leggings aren’t a replacement for pants, they work if the sweater is basically big enough to double as a dress.” So remember that you can’t wear leggings as pants with a shorter oversized sweater or the Fashion police will come after you.  I personally prefer to wear my oversized sweater with boyfriends jeans and low cut booties. To add more flair to this trend, girls chose to accessorize with a statement necklace or a long chained pendulum necklace. This oversized sweater maybe difficult to pull off and sometimes my appear to look like a potato sack; however, the right jeans, boots, and accessories can transform a bulky sweater into high fashion.


Boyfriend jeans?

When the boyfriend style jeans started to take off in the fashion world, I was a little reluctant to jump on that trend. But as soon as I put one leg into these jeans, I was hooked! They are extremely comfortable and actually look flattering to the leg even though they are sometimes distressed with rips and appear somewhat baggy. A lot of my friends think the tighter the jean the better, but I don’t think I could go back to skin tight jeans after wearing my boyfriend jeans. You can wear boyfriend jeans with any low cut shoe. I would recommend white Converse, short booties, or flats. I personally like the boyfriend look with booties.

Love your Boyfriend (Jeans)?

Here at Furman I am seeing more and more boyfriend jeans around. Some girls have paired the jeans with a solid colored fitted top which they tuck into the low waisted cut of the jeans. Others girls chose a more rustic casual look, topping the jeans with a flannel button down and white Converses. When I wear my boyfriend jeans with a flannel, I cuff the bottoms and wear either my low cut brown J-Crew booties or my white All Star Converse. I’m not so sure if the trend is going to stay long at Furman, but it’s a great look for a casual fall day.




Furman University Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends at Furman University

Furman University flourishing with intellectual students who will one day influence the world, not only through their actions but through their style. While students shuffle to class in the morning or trek to the dining hall in the afternoon, they are typically dressed to impress. The girls at Furman are the most impressive, sporting the newest fashion trends that are booming on the runway. However, because Furman is in the South, some trends can’t break through Southern tradition. For example, during winters in the North, I would slip on my LL-Bean slippers with a pair of jeans and drive to school. When I arrived at Furman, I saw no one wearing LL-bean slippers to class. I packed up my slippers and sent them home to the North. Some Southern trends can’t break Northern barriers, such as the Chaco fetish that I will never understand. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on more of the major fashion trends I see repeatedly here at Furman, starting from head to toe.

Not Your Average Hair Tie

For the Furman ladies with long locks, a hair tie is a necessity. However, it can’t just be any hair tie. At Furman, the ribbon hair tie is a must have. It is Bohemian chic and also works as a stylish bracelet. The ribbon hair tie is an on-going trend not only because it is super cute, but also because it does not get tangled up in your hair.

Ribbion Hair ties
Ribbion Hair ties

Many Furman girls have different colors of the ribbon hair tie to match with their bracelets they are wearing that day. My good friend Sarah Butin told me, “ I wear my red ribbon hair tie when I’m having a good hair day, and my neutral-colored one when I’m having a bad hair day.” For her, her colored ribbon hair tie reflects her ambition or lack of ambition to blow dry her hair. If your looking where to buy ribbon hair ties, Nordstrom’s carries them online and in stores.

Rebecca Who?

Rebecca Minkoff is an up and coming designer that started off designing handbags. Her famous classic handbag design is glued to almost every Furman girl’s shoulder when they are out downtown or at a party. I am not exaggerating when I say that I see, on average, ten Rebecca Minkoff bags every time I go out. The bag is iconic. It is a simple over the shoulder bag that can fit a wallet, phone, and maybe a little makeup kit. It has a cute chain that crosses a body, and the leather is good quality and looks well made.The three zippers and the gold clip on the side of the bag are the pure indicators of a Rebecca Minkoff bag.

. de390d7134e1b8ab7801287cdd90c072HF14RFCX01_h652i01c_minimac_001_black_1-rose

A Barbour For Christmas

Around the holidays, students go home to celebrate with their families. When classes resume, there is a sea of Barbour jackets throughout the campus. Don’t even think about putting down your jacket in the library or dining hall; otherwise, someone might mistake it for his or her own! It is a must-have trend here at Furman. Not only are these jackets fashionable, they are also waterproof and durable. This trend is not only worn by the female population here at Furman, but also by the male. The most common Barbour style at Furman is the olive classic Beadnell Waxed jacket. Many other Furman students support different styles of Barbour jackets. The trend here is not the jacket itself, but the brand name behind it.



Barbour Classic Beaufort Jacket Olive-37


If you are a female college student that doesn’t own white Converse, drop whatever you are doing and get them now! It is hot trend on campus that is spreading fast . Furman girls wear them to class, out to dinner, and even to parties and bars. There is no limit for these white Converse; the only downfall is that they don’t stay white for long. After wearing them to a frat party, chances are you will wake up the next morning with them covered in dirt and unidentified liquid stains. Trust me, I’m on my second pair. White Converse add a pop to any outfit, and can also give a more edgy casual feel to a dress that would otherwise be too nice. Girls typically pair white Converse with jeans, dresses, yoga pants,and shorts. They are the perfect shoe here at Furman!



Furman ADPi's Rocking their white converse?
Furman ADPi’s rocking their white converse!



Everything comes from a Idea

Take that IDEA to the next leave

Have you ever had an idea? A idea that you are so excited about that you drop everything and daze off into the hundreds of different directions you could take that idea? Do you ever not execute that idea because you have no clue how to develop it? If you have done this plenty of times, please don’t worry because everyone does. In this blog post I will give some great methods to help develop that fabulous idea.tumblr_n8m8pwwLar1sjzq6wo1_1280

Sticky Notes, 3×5 Cards, Lists, Outlines, Napkins

When that great idea pops into your head, write anything and everything about the idea on a sticky note. The best part about the sticky note is that you can move it around and stick it on a wall or computer screen you’re working with. If you don’t have access to a sticky note, how about an 3×5 index card? They’re similar to a sticky note, but a little bit more mobile and will last longer. They are also easy to slide into the back pocket when you’re out and about. Lists work well too. They’re not just for your grocery shopping, they can repeat your ideas to many other ones. You can also use the classic outline to help develop. Another option is the good old napkin! If you can’t find paper, sticky notes, or a index card, napkins can do the job just as well. Its also fun to say that such a great idea was developed on a napkin.

Taking that Idea to the next step, (Media Step)

You need to develop a great story that goes along with your idea. Sell that idea, make everyone believe that they either need it or have to care about it. Video and animation is a great way to show your story. The structure is key to any animation, the setting of the action along with the narration all need to work together to represent your story well. You need to be thoughtful in determining what multimedia element would work best for your idea and story. Your idea could be best represented by a film, Motion graphics, Software simulation, Games, Photo slide show.


If you’re having trouble with your story and idea, think through what process and methods you’re using. A storyboard is a great design tool to keep your story on track. It keeps all the media for each scene listed and describes how they work together. A storyboard keeps all ideas listed on paper with a timeline. If you’re working with a team on your story, a storyboard is a great way to keep people on track for what is due and as well as who is responsible for what. If you’re working for a client or boss, the storyboard can educate them and helps to keep the project moving smoothly. Finally, it helps to remind the boss or client when they give another instruction that you are just following the storyboard directions and that any additional changes will take more time.