Hello readers! I’m Kate Mancosh and you are reading my blog for my Digital Communications class. This blog contains both fun and friendly homework reflections and also my Multi-Media  project about the world of Furman University fashion. My goal for this blog is for Furman girls to use it as a guide and an inspiration to their fashion choices.

Let begin by sharing some information about myself. I am a born and raised New Englander from the tiny state  of Rhode Island. I went to school in the city of Providence and have always been exposed to a variety of differnt cultures and means of self expression. I have always been fascinated by different fashion trends either in vogue or up and coming. I would describe my own style as a mixture of classic designs paired with undiscovered pieces. I try not to fall into the mainstream fashions trends because I want appear unique and original.

I am currently a sophomore at Furman University, majoring in Communication. I plan on pursuing a career in the social media world, hopefully involving fashion. I would like to be the person that spreads the word about new and popular  fashion trends.

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