From Fall Fashion To Winter Wardrobes

Now that the cold weather is FINALLY approaching South Carolina, ’tis the season for boots and sweaters and maybe a little vest to add another layer to the chilly morning walk to the dining hall. Pull out the winter clothes from under your lofted beds, and switch out your sandals for your leather boots — it’s time for Furman fashionistas to bring in the new vogue winter styles. The Furman ladies are ready for the cooler and anxious to retire the summer wardrobe.

Boots and Booties

The boots are definitely in and walking all over Furman’s campus. Boots range from cowboy style, to high cut styles or low cut booties. Most common here at Furman are the leather high cut boots and cowboy styles. The color brown is a popular choice on campus. I personally have 3 brown pairs of boots and only one black pair that is always essential when brown does not match with my outfit. Being from the North, I also own a gray pair of combat boots that I like to wear to edge up my outfit from time to time.

The Perfect Fall and Winter Shoe

Boots are the perfect shoe to wear with jeans, leggings, and even skirts or dresses, especially here in the South. Many of my friends have had debates with me about the low cut booties that are appearing more and more in the fashion world. I have a brown pair of booties that I love to wear with my boyfriend jeans or a longer length dress. If I’m wearing the booties with jeans, I tend to cuff the bottom of the jeans in order to define the line between the boots and the pant. Cuffing the jeans helps style the look and shows off the booties. Evelyn Crownley, from WHOWHATWEAR discussed the proper way to wear pants with booties, using celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Kate Moss as examples. . Now that the winter season is approaching and temperatures are dropping girls are stepping outside in low cut booties to spice up their winter style. There are many different styles of booties to choose from. Harpers’s BAZAAR posted about all the different kinds of booties that are now out and about during these fall and winter months. Make sure you check out what kind of bootie is right for you!

143-79162-ankle-boots-photo-1412616047    tumblr_m0hjrwVfqu1r0z04do1_1280


Even in your worst outfit going to your frosty 8:00 A.M. class, a scarf can step up that grunge look and create sometime a little more presentable. During the winter months at Furman, the campus is covered with girls wearing their scarves in various styles. Some scarf styles include the:

  • blanket
  • tube
  • tartan
  • fur
  • knitted
  • too long

It does take some skill or technique to wrap the scarf around your neck; that’s why I personally have tube scarves that I can pull over my head. Other girls at Furman chose to wear the fur, the knitted, or the too long scarves. Stated in Marie Claire, “Scarves are the most versatile pieces to include in your winter wardrobe, a soft, oversized scarf is essential.” These scarves are often paired with the green rustic Barbour coat or a open oversized sweater. With the knitted and the too long scarves, it’s imperative to master the correct wrapping technique.

A Little Personal

I like my scarves loose around my neck so I usually only have one wrap for knitted and two wraps for the too long. I spend time balancing and fluffing scarf around my neck and shoulder. Since I usually wear a scarf on a bad hair day, I style my hair in a messy ponytail which keeps it from getting tangled in the scarf. On good hair days, I wear a knitted scarf with my hair down so that it is not as busy and bulky around my neck.

scarf styles

The Bigger the Better

Sweaters are the key to survive Southern winters and the bigger they are, the better. Oversized is a trend here at Furman. First, they are comfortable and cozy. Secondly, they hide the Christmas cookies that were devoured over break. No but really oversized sweaters are the perfect top to wear with a pair of skinny jeans and high boots. Don’t worry about not being able to fit a jacket over the sweater because that’s why vests were invented. People may think that oversized sweaters appear unflattering, but there are many ways to style them up.

This season the runway has sported many oversized sweaters ranging from retro patterns to neutral knit tones. Fewer girls here at Furman chose the retro patters; most prefer the natural neutral look. On campus, girls pair their oversized sweaters with slimming pants or leggings with a high cut boot. Teen Vogue writer Shannon Laughran, say “while leggings aren’t a replacement for pants, they work if the sweater is basically big enough to double as a dress.” So remember that you can’t wear leggings as pants with a shorter oversized sweater or the Fashion police will come after you.  I personally prefer to wear my oversized sweater with boyfriends jeans and low cut booties. To add more flair to this trend, girls chose to accessorize with a statement necklace or a long chained pendulum necklace. This oversized sweater maybe difficult to pull off and sometimes my appear to look like a potato sack; however, the right jeans, boots, and accessories can transform a bulky sweater into high fashion.


Boyfriend jeans?

When the boyfriend style jeans started to take off in the fashion world, I was a little reluctant to jump on that trend. But as soon as I put one leg into these jeans, I was hooked! They are extremely comfortable and actually look flattering to the leg even though they are sometimes distressed with rips and appear somewhat baggy. A lot of my friends think the tighter the jean the better, but I don’t think I could go back to skin tight jeans after wearing my boyfriend jeans. You can wear boyfriend jeans with any low cut shoe. I would recommend white Converse, short booties, or flats. I personally like the boyfriend look with booties.

Love your Boyfriend (Jeans)?

Here at Furman I am seeing more and more boyfriend jeans around. Some girls have paired the jeans with a solid colored fitted top which they tuck into the low waisted cut of the jeans. Others girls chose a more rustic casual look, topping the jeans with a flannel button down and white Converses. When I wear my boyfriend jeans with a flannel, I cuff the bottoms and wear either my low cut brown J-Crew booties or my white All Star Converse. I’m not so sure if the trend is going to stay long at Furman, but it’s a great look for a casual fall day.




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