FU Fashion Trending Takes Music Midtown

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 FU Fashion in Atlanta

This weekend I ventured to the Atlanta Midtown Music Festival  , where the Southern belles hide and the hipsters come out to play. Lilly Pulitzer stayed home while Free People danced the night away. Being from the North,  I often see girls wearing Free People, head band accessories, high waisted ripped jean shorts, combat boots, and bracelets all the way up to their elbows. Music Midtown was the first time I had seen this look in the South. The girls at Midtown dressed the part — rocking a hipster boho sheik look. I felt right at home with the mass crowd.

Head to Toe

I wasn’t the only Furman student at the festival this weekend supporting the hipster look. I went with some friends and bumped into other Furman students there. Among these girls, many different fashions were shown from head to toe. Most girls wore sunglasses to this outdoor festival, but they were not just ordinary sunglasses; the majority wore Ray-Bans with styles ranging from aviator wayfarers to circular big rims. Shoes, shoes, and more shoes help tie a great outfit together. Girls sported either Tory Burch sandals or the more gladiator style look. Others chose combat boots, cowboy boots, or Indian moccasins. The most popular choice for shoes was the simple but classic white converse style, which I chose to support.

Stylish Furman girls
Stylish Furman girls









From Flowing to Fitting

Many Furman fashionistas embraced either a flowing dress that came to the knee or a maxi length. These dresses were sleeveless, v-neck cut, with a neutral or paisley pattern revealing the hipster vibe. This hipster vibe was comfortable and airy on a hot festival afternoon in Atlanta. Flowing shirts were another common look Furman students styled with high waisted jean shorts. In contrast to the flowing choice, some rocked a tighter crop top look. Many of the crop top wearers matched their tops with high waisted pattern shorts, such as my friend Kendall Hawthorn who wore sunflower patterned shorts with her white fitted crop top.

Bringing Fashion Trends Together

This two-day festival either brought out Furman students’ originality of their inner selves or an opportunity to experiment (without judgment) the alternative hipster style they may not wear as often on campus. This freeing environment opened the channels to experiment with different clothing options and styles and to bring these different fashion trends together.

Kendall Hawthorn Killin it at Midtown
Kendall Hawthorn Killin it at Midtown









Here are some pictures from MusicMidtown

https://www.flickr%20 .com/photos/127211650@N08/sets/72157647902377862/show

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